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Madison, Alabama

Madison, Alabama is located in the Huntsville metropolitan area, expanding into Limestone county. It’s the fastest growing city in the state of Alabama and has increased its population from 4,000 – 50,000 in three decades and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. 

John Cartwright settled in the area in 1818, and was the first European-American resident. The population began to increase after World War II when military and NASA operations were moved to Huntsville. This caused an influx of residents into both Huntsville and Madison, Alabama. A vote was held in 1986 where voters ultimately agreed to stay independent and not merge with Huntsville. 

With all of the growth in the last couple of decades, residents are proud to call Madison home for multiple reasons.

Shopping and Dining

If you like food, drinking, and shopping then you’ll enjoy Madison, Alabama. There are plenty of local eateries, craft breweries, local shops and more! Whether you’re looking for a hole in the small pizza joint, or a popular chain restaurant, you’ll find something to feed the whole family. 

Shopping in Madison ranges from local boutiques to one of a kind maker’s markets and of course national brands. Bridge Street Town Center is the largest outdoor shopping center in the area with several different restaurants, stores and even a movie theater. For the antique lovers, you will find many different antique shops to browse around in. 

Outdoor Activities

If you’re looking to engage in some outdoor activities, Madison, Alabama will not let you down. With their extensive network of greenways and trails, you’re sure to find several places to get your fix. From nature trails to hiking and biking trails, you can enjoy beautiful views while getting a little exercise in. Many of these nature trails are also pet friendly!

There are also plenty of parks and recreation facilities to enjoy. Big Spring Park is located nearby in downtown Huntsville, and was the first thing that lured settlers to the area in the first place. Now, you can stroll around the park and feed the friendly ducks, check out the koi pond and of course see the infamous red bridge and cherry blossom trees. 

Local Events

The community gathers for several different events throughout the year. A few of the most popular ones include The Madison Street Festival, Christmas Parade, and Independence Day Fireworks Show. 

The Madison Street Festival happens on the first weekend in October every year for the last 30 years. It features a parade, arts and crafts, food vendors, live entertainment, children’s activities and more. The event is also pet friendly, so bring your furry friend to enjoy the festivities! 

If you’re looking for new things to enjoy in Madison, these only begin to scratch the surface. Known for its small town charm and friendly atmosphere, we’re sure you’ll find plenty of reasons why this community is growing so quickly.